(extract from "Spirits In The Sky")

Crystals are powerful tools – they hold ancient wisdom within their form.

They have the power to open chakras at will.

And – as is the case of any healing practice - be that Spiritual healing – Crystal healing - Aromatherapy or Reiki etc – the practitioner has a duty to protect the recipient.

I do not work with people and crystals in any “hands-on” form – but do occasionally use them when healing into death and distant healing.

However – as my husband John runs courses in crystal healing – we are both caretakers of many different crystals, some of which are for sale.

These crystals need to be kept clear and bright ready for their owners and many years ago – Spirit handed this job onto me.

John usually goes on his own to select the crystals we need and occasionally – as I am eagerly unpacking the boxes that he brings home – I can be heard to say – “Oh – hello”.

It’s at this point that I confirm to John that which he already knew – that “that particular crystal will be staying in our care for as long as it needs to.”

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