(extract from "Spirits In The Sky")

My work with land clearance is mainly done remotely.

With the communication from my Guides, and my ability to travel – I have found myself being taken on journeys through drains - and travelling underground like a worm.

Drains are not my most favourite locations – but at least I don’t get my Jeans dirty!

There are many diverse factors which can adversely affect land and buildings – and also - the people and animals that inhabit the land and buildings.

For example:

  • Ley lines.
  • Electricity cables and pylons.
  • Telephone masts.
  • The Earth’s’ own magnetic energy and gases.
  • Water:
  • Streams, both on the surface and underground.
  • Wells.
  • Drainage water.
  • Water tables – Rising or falling.
  • Spirit activity.
  • Demolition of buildings or parts thereof.
  • Erection of new buildings
  • Occupiers own negative energy and/or actions.
  • Earth Elementals.

So the key to a successful result, when approaching the healing of land and buildings – is definitely - to have an “open mind”.

The solutions I have used and been witness to – are varied.

Always at the bequest of my Spirit guides: -

I have placed crystals in the ground to remove, or divert negative

I have “seen” energy barriers being erected – and have taken part
in erecting them myself.

I have spoken with “earth elementals” who were angry at being
disturbed by occupiers of the house.

I have grounded water courses and negative energy.

I have released Spirit from sites.

The solutions are as varied as the causes.

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