(extract from "Spirits In The Sky")

Always – I ask permission of my Guides and the patient (be that physically or spiritually) – before I proceed.

Always - I listen to - and respect and abide by - their answer.

And – always – in the case of children – I ask permission from the parent or guardian - before I ask my Guides and the child itself.

Sometimes, I am told that my request has “been noted” and then I am dismissed.

Sometimes, I stand and witness the healing being given by Spirit.

Sometimes, I am involved myself:

I will act as a communicator to the patient – having been given facts about their illness.

When communicating with the patient – I invariably find that they have a message to pass to someone - and “we” can advise them on the best way to deliver that message.

The word distant – only relates to the fact that I am not with that person physically.

Remotely my spirit travels to that person - and for me to go without permission – would be unforgivable, rude and egotistical.

An uninvited and unwanted visitor – as we can all relate to – is often not welcome. And an uninvited and unwanted travelling spirit can be very distressing.

These rules apply to people – animals and land.

If I am asked by a third party, to send some healing for a friend, relative or acquaintance – I cannot proceed until I have been given permission from my Guides and from the persons Higher Self.

My answer to them is always – “I will ask.”

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