(extract from "Spirits In The Sky")

Music has been a passion of mine since I was born.

My parents both sang in a choir and my weekly attendance at Methodist Church – from a toddler – up to 16yrs old – gave me a love of Organ music and singing.

Two adult, childhood friends of mine - introduced me to Opera, the Trumpet and Trombone.

And my red Dansette Radio (a 12th birthday present from mum and dad), introduced me to “pop” music.

I use music to reflect or alter my moods – and can spend hours, shut in a room, listening to a variety of tunes in order to achieve that.

My music collection is diverse and Spirit have used that diversity to communicate with me: Communicate through the words of a song –or - through my listening to their chosen piece – helping me to move forward – “travel” with them - resolve issues and heal.

I feel so fortunate to have this avenue open to me. Each Guide and doorkeeper that I have worked with, has used music. And that - combined with their unconditional love – has truly, saved my sanity – on more than one occasion.

My Guides sometimes guide me to play a piece of music for someone who has come for a sitting or has just come to visit. And, at their suggestion and with their guidance, I have made compilation tapes to send to people.

But – work aside – I have to say - I just love music!

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