(extract from "Spirits In The Sky")

In 1991 – as my dad lay in a hospice a couple of miles from our house – and from my vantagepoint in our living room - I saw the clouds in the sky – part, in the distance.

The light that emitted through the clouds seemed to be descending onto the roof of the hospice.

Knowing that dad was now peaceful – and near to death – I “spoke” to him:
“Go to the Light – Go up into the Light dad.”
In the early hours of the next morning – my dad died.

That was my first experience of healing into death.

From then on – and now working with my Guides – I have worked, remotely - with men, women, children and animals – who are close to death.

Unlike that first time - I am now given information and the opportunity to converse with the Spirit of the departing – and they with me.

I work with a combination of - my own Guides – the patient - Guides and loved ones in Spirit connected to the patient – Angels – and those loved ones who will be left behind to grieve. And as in the case of distant healing – sometimes I am directly involved and sometimes I am privileged to witness the workings of the Spirit World - as a bystander.

This work is usually done over a period of days – and Spirit guide me on that matter. But sometimes – the combined work of Spirit and the patient – is completed very quickly.

Often I will play music – the title of which is chosen by my Guides or the patient. The music, lending its healing tones and/or words – to the patient.

Assisting - healing into dying - is always a privilege.

It is always moving.

There can be angst, upset or anger before peace is found - and occasionally, when the work is nearly completed - there can be one or two jokes along the way.

Always – there is the unconditional love shown by all those in Spirit who come to assist.

Always – there is a Guiding Light – whose Soul purpose is to assist in that walk between the physical life and everlasting life.

Always – there is a celebration to honour the returning Soul.

The common factor that I have found – is that each of these rolls has resulted in a peaceful “death”.

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