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My “Just a thought” page is a medium by which I will periodically update you with my thoughts and communications from the Spirit World.

Here's the first of those communications

“The first and the last is Obedience.

Obedience to the laws of the Universe.
Obedience to the self and others.

The Obedience to the self - to be true.
Obedience to others – is respect.”


“Strength and Obedience are the key,
For without strength, you cannot be Obedient.”


“Humility in all things.
Understanding that everything is greater than yourself;
But – you are greatness itself.!


The last piece that I will include, are the thoughts of Angela.

In order for you to understand her communication, I need to give you a little information:

Angela- at the time of this communication was about 4yrs old. She originally came through to me so that I could let her mother know that she was well and happy – a story I told in my second book “Spirits In The Sky”. Angela was very interested in healing and under supervision from Spirit would occasionally be permitted to observe Healing sessions. On this particular occasion, she was escorted by one of the Healing Guides, Laura, who is part of my husband John’s healing Team. That team at the time was lead by a doctor called Mr Bennet.

Angela had taken it upon herself to bring to our attention the repeated “visits” to the Spirit World by a very sick child called Jennifer – whom John and his Team had been helping and who was now recovering.

Angela is speaking to John:

“Jennifer – she doesn’t come any more. She’s not going to come any more.
Yeah – but I told her and she kept coming, I told you and she’s not coming any more.

Do you like children?

You like old people. There’s a lot of old people. There’s more old people, there’s more old people than children.

Do you heal old people?
Well, those old people, they come here. But the children, they can’t come. And I said to her, “you can’t come” and she kept coming and I said to John "you tell her” because, because I keep telling her and she doesn’t listen and she keeps coming and she’s a pest.

But she’s not coming any more.
Do you like old people more than you like children?

But the old people have got interesting stories.
Children, they get stories told, but the old people, they, they know stories. Their stories, their stories are not for me, they’re for you. Because I’m only a child.

And their stories are for you.
And all those old people they can come here, after they’ve told you their stories.

I don’t know stories, I’m only little.
Mr Bennet says that little girls don’t know stories because little girls haven’t grown up.
That’s why old people can tell stories.

And Mr Bennet says when I’m grown up I can tell stories and I can say what I’ve seen and I can tell people and people will be interested when I’m old.

But when you’re little you haven’t stories and so sometimes the people won’t listen.

But you like old people and you can listen to their stories and then when they’ve told you their stories they can come here.

John likes children. John’s going to heal children.

And Laura says I can come and it, it was me who told about Jennifer, because she was there. But Laura said that if Jennifer stayed where she was she would get better. And when she will grow old she will tell stories.

I’m going now, bye.”

There is more from Angela in “Spirits In The Sky”

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