(extract from "Spirits In The Sky")

Personally – I find this aspect of my work, one of the most rewarding.

Firstly – The release of a Spirit entity which has been “trapped” in a house, building or on land – is a cause for celebration within the Spirit World.

Secondly – To know and see - that the agitation, anger and distress of that entity are over – is reward in itself.

And thirdly – Once the work has been completed -the relief of those people and animals in the physical world, who have been adversely affected by the presence of that entity – is almost tangible.

There are exceptions to the rule.

Not all Spirit who are attached to the Earth – wish to move on – or should be moved on. And attempts to interfere in their very existence – are futile and can result in further distress for all.

We all have free will – it is our given right.

Spirit has a right to continue their possession of the land that they inhabited. Who are we to tell them otherwise?

But – as current inhabitants of the physical world – we have the right to ask for help – if we are fearful – sick – or unhappy.

Like everything in life – balance is the key to happiness.

I have spoken to Spirit – who have been frightened to leave the earth plane. Frightened that the Spirit World would not welcome them because of a misdemeanour or crime they had committed.

Frightened that loved ones would not “wish to know” them.

Frightened to come face to face with a parent, wife, husband – or ex husband.

Frightened to leave loved ones behind.

Fear and self-recrimination – is a common finding.

I have witnessed Spirit – who in their cry for help, have caused mayhem in the physical world – sob with relief – as they walked into the light with a “Guide” at their side.

I have also seen Spirit entities dragged back into the Spirit World – “escorted” by Angels in flowing gowns.

And – in my experience - if Archangel Michael is in attendance – argument is futile!

Not everyone that requests help – realises that there is Spirit present in their house or place of work. They will just report to me, that they are unwell – or feel uncomfortable in a certain room.

It is my job – to ask my Team for guidance.

Occasionally – when there is Spirit present - I am told by my team that we are not going to do the work ourselves. This is always exciting for me, because I know that the team are going ask the person who has requested the help – to perform the release or cleansing themselves.

In these cases – my Team will pass step by step, precise instructions for me to pass on – and then the team and I “watch” from a distance.

This technique is used to help “nervous” or unsure budding channels – to overcome their nervousness and self doubt.

People have asked me to remove Spirit, who – I find - is only visiting, in order to give a message to that person. Invariably – I also find - during further conversation – that the message had been heard – but had been dismissed. Dismissed through self-disbelief or simply - not liking the message that was delivered.

I have been asked to remove a Spirit – only to discover that the person who has asked me – has themselves been asking for, “Spirit to come to visit me”.

Having had their request answered – they have then been frightened by that very presence – or - they have unwittingly, invited a wandering pesky entity into their life that is revelling in its ability to frighten.

Asking for Spirit to visit – can be a wonderful experience – but be aware that an “open invitation” is just what it says it is.

Following a release, people report back to me:

They say how much “lighter” and “fresher” their dwelling feels and smells.

How – they now feel able to walk into the back bedroom – and how their children are sleeping in their own beds – all through the night.

Those people who had been suffering from ailments (which can often be an ailment that the Spirit suffered from whilst in the physical life) – no longer have those symptoms.

And – the biggest relief for them, can be - that doors and drawers remain shut – no one walks on the stairs in the dead of night – or stands at the bottom of their bed.

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